How To Prepare For Your Professional Headshot Session

In the past few years our studio has seen numerous talents for headshots and some were prepared better than others. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts on how to get ready for your successful headshot session.  Remember, at the end, it’s all about you, headshots must represent you. We will help you get relaxed and provide good time and images that will reflect you and your personality. You bring the rest.

If you ordered the services of the Makeup artist/Hairstylist:

  • Your face must be washed, clean and without any makeup or residues of makeup.  Yes, even mascara is not allowed.
  • Make sure that you wash your hair day before your session.  Do not use any gels or hairsprays or any other hair products.

If you are doing your own Makeup/Hair or have your own Makeup artist:

  • Make sure that you come to your session with your hair ready.
  • Makeup should be applied prior to your session.  You will get a chance to do any touchups and/or adjustments.  Very natural makeup is advised to show your natural face without any distracting elements.  It’s easier for the casting directors to imagine what a person looks like with makeup than without it.

For Everyone:

  • Your nails should be clean, without nail polish or residues of nail polish.
  • Wear clean, unscented deodorant and no perfumes or colognes.
  • Apply plenty of moisturizer to your skin.
  • Make sure your hair is in good condition, no fresh haircut, no roots showing.
  • Your eyebrows should be in good condition.  Make sure that you have them done well in advance to ensure that no rash/red marks are visible on the day of your session.
  • Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated.
  • All unnecessary hair should be removed or bleached.
  • Ensure good night sleep for a fresh look during your headshot session.  None of us want to wake up with blood shot eyes or bags under the eyes.
  • Minimize the amount of your accessories.  Less is better.  Remember, you want the eyes to be drawn to your face and eyes and not to other elements in the image.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and/or accessories that leave marks on your body (watches, eyeglasses).  If you choose to wear clothes that might show your bare shoulders wear a strapless bra.  It takes few hours before the marks are gone from your skin.
  • All your clothes should be pressed without any fold marks.
  • Clothes with large logos are unacceptable.  Small logos on a plain background can be removed easily.
  • Avoid clothes with patterns or clothes with extremely bright colours.
  • Do bring your favourite outfit.
  • BRING YOUR BIG SMILE AND CHEERFULNESS.  We will need it to have fun and to be relaxed.

Hope these points help you prepare yourself for your session.  If you have any questions please send an email to or hit the CONTACT button above.  We are looking forward to work with you and to have a great time during your session.